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This is the official website for Guernsey's Vale Parish. Here you will find essential information about the district and regularly updated news and material to help you make the most of living in the beautiful and ancient Paroisse du Valle, which is administered by the Vale Douzaine.



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From the Constables - Latest Updates

Unpaid rates: 90 facing court summons

Wed 21 Jul 2021

Up to 90 Vale residents face receiving a court summons to recover unpaid parish rates, the Constables' Office warned today. This "last resort" is necessary because the Douzaine has an obligation to pursue outstanding debts so those who have paid aren't disadvantaged.

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Lack of planning 'damaging north of island'

Mon 19 Jul 2021

A long term failure by government to plan adequately for essential infrastructure in the north of the island is putting the community at risk of economic and environmental harm, a report by St Sampson's Douzaine says.

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Demand for allotments leads to waiting list

Wed 14 Jul 2021

Demand for allotments, which was kindled by lockdown and the Covid-19 restrictions, has continued unabated, according to the new owner of La Haute Lande Vinery, which provides growing plots in the parish.

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Kayak centre plans at Les Amarreurs risks parking chaos, planners warned

Sun 11 Jul 2021

A planning application to remove scarce parking at Les Amarreurs to facilitate a kayak and paddleboard business are worrying the Vale authorities and fishermen who use the area.

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It's open!

Thu 08 Jul 2021

Yes, after weeks of delay caused by Covid, bad weather and literally waiting for the grass to grow, the new children's roundabout at Les Amarreurs playground is finally available for use.

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