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This is the official website for Guernsey's Vale Parish. Here you will find essential information about the district and regularly updated news and material to help you make the most of living in the beautiful and ancient Paroisse du Valle, which is administered by the Vale Douzaine.
From the Constables - Latest Updates

Holistic approach to traffic needed for the North, says Douzaine

Sun 02 Aug 2020

A proper traffic impact assessment for the North of the island should be carried out before there is any more housing development in the Vale or St Sampson's, Vale Douzeniers concluded at a recent meeting.

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Leale's Yard 'early win' for Revive and Thrive strategy

Thu 23 Jul 2020

Regenerating the Bridge area and Leale's Yard would be an early win for Guernsey's Revive and Thrive post-Covid recovery strategy, the Guernsey Press says today.

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Road reopens thanks to Douzaine intervention

Mon 20 Jul 2020

A Vale road that was closed before Christmas has now been reopened thanks to an intervention by the Douzaine. The thoroughfare, between La Moye States Houses and Fort Doyle, was closed after a fire in a large shed created a risk of asbestos pollution.

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Vale Douzaine's reservations about 'security' road closure

Wed 08 Jul 2020

Vale's Douzaine has responded formally to the authorities over proposals to close permanently La Hougue Jehannet road, which runs along the back of Guernsey Electricity Ltd.

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Hedge and stream reminder

Sat 27 Jun 2020

Members of the Vale Douzaine have been out since the 15th checking whether parish streams and hedges have been cleaned and cut back as required by law.

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