This week's 'bin night' reminder...

Mon 15 Oct 2018

Paper and card for recycling this week please, and it's a 'black bag' for residual waste as well.

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Island-wide voting: 'Devil in the detail,' warns Constable

Sun 14 Oct 2018

Vale Senior Constable Richard Leale has responded to the news that the island's first referendum has returned an outcome binding on the States that will lead to full island-wide voting for the 2020 General Election of people's deputies.

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Community spirit praised by Constable

Fri 12 Oct 2018

Counting the ballot papers at St James. Picture By Peter Frankland/Guernsey Press.

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This week's collections...

Mon 08 Oct 2018

Remember, no black bag residual waste collection this week... This, however, is what you can put out:

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Historic picture of L'Ancresse wall being built

Sun 07 Oct 2018

News that the States have been drilling test holes in the former anti-tank wall at L'Ancresse to establish how deep it is reminded one parishioner that they had seen a photograph of the defence being built by the Germans during the Occupation.

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Vale deputies seeking to block new 25mph speed limits

Sun 30 Sep 2018

Vale’s deputies have confirmed that they intend trying to overturn Environment and Infrastructure’s attempts to impose 25mph speed limits on more than 80 island roads.

This follows a lively Deputies’ Surgery at the Vale Douzaine Rooms on Saturday morning when many parishioners questioned what was being proposed and why, following the Guernsey Press headline story, above.

Mary Lowe, the parish’s senior States representative, told this website: ‘We were faced with some unhappy people following the E&I decision to go ahead with the 25mph limit in certain roads. The four Deputies present, Neil [Inder], Matt [Fallaize], Laurie [Queripel] and myself were asked what were we going to do about it...’

All the deputies had earlier received feedback from parishioners concerned by the E&I plan and the way the limits were being introduced.

Blocking motion
After some discussion, the deputies agreed that they would attempt to stop the new restrictions being imposed by placing a motion to annul the Statutory Instrument which, when lodged by E&I, would give force to the new limits, although no one has yet agreed to front such a move.

It is understood that Environment has been told of the deputies’ decision so its members, who include Vale Deputy Sarah Hansmann-Rouxel, can decide whether to go ahead or not with installing the new roadsigns ahead of the challenge to the limits.

The four deputies also made it clear that the decision to impose the speed limits was a collective one by E&I, not down to any one individual.

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Making the Vale a ‘Northern Powerhouse’

Thu 27 Sep 2018

Talk of the States redeveloping the island's eastern seaboard risks overlooking the potential for turning the Bridge area into a 'Northern Powerhouse', an influential blog has said.

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Blue bag, food and...

Mon 24 Sep 2018

...glass for recycling this week please as the island continues to get to grips with the new system of disposing of rubbish and increasing what households recycle.

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'Brave decisions' needed to end Leale's Yard planning blight

Tue 18 Sep 2018

Brave decisions are needed to end the planning blight caused by the Channel Islands Co-op's ownership of Leale's Yard and its inability to develop the highly important site, the Vale's Senior Constable has said.

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What to put out for this week's 'bin night'

Mon 17 Sep 2018

In case you're still coming to terms with the new refuse and recycling collections - and many are from the feedback we've received - here's the forthcoming schedule while, below, is a round-up of experiences to date:

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