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The Vale is one of the island’s 10 ancient ecclesiastical parishes which form today’s civil administrative districts and the Constables and Douzaine are elected officials tasked with administering parochial affairs and are responsible for parish funds.

Your Douzaine is responsible for many parochial duties including:

  • Liquor Licences
  • Hiring the Douzaine Room
  • Parish Events
  • Inspections of hedges and streams
  • Abreuvoirs and troughs
  • Seat placing and upkeep
  • Dangerous buildings
  • Crown and Anchor permissions
  • Bornements
  • Emergency planning
  • Dog Tax collection
  • Organisation of States Elections
  • Cemetery management
  • Parish property management
  • Recreation facilities
  • School committees
  • Moorings and moorings committee
  • Refuse collection
  • Parish rates
  • Noxious weeds reports
  • Inspections of quarries
  • Dangerous roads
  • Parish notices and publications

Since 2011, the parishes and the States of Guernsey have signed up to a charter acknowledging the work of the Douzaines and their relationship with government.

This reflects the importance of a good working relationship between the Douzaines and the States, while recognising their respective roles. It highlights four elements that are central to the relationship:

  • The importance of the Douzaines at grassroots level
  • The good work undertaken by the Douzaines as well as the strategic role of the States
  • The link between the States and the Douzaines and the importance of maintaining existing good practice
  • The necessity for the parties to work in partnership for the benefit of the parishioners and the Island as a whole

While the role of the Douzaine has changed greatly over the years.  Today’s officials are nevertheless committed to serving the parish on a voluntary basis in an efficient and transparent manner that reflects today’s needs and responsibilities and anticipates that its function will continue to evolve.

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