190 face court action over rates arrears

Thu 17 Sep 2020

Nearly 200 parishioners face fines and being taken to Petty Debts Court over unpaid parish rates, the office warned today. A total of 190 bills remain outstanding despite reminders being posted out three weeks ago and the Douzaine has an obligation to collect the money owed for providing parish services.

Unless the accounts are paid this week, £25 fines – which are permitted by law – will be applied and steps taken to enforce payment via court order.

This is always a last resort for the Vale Parish but Senior Constable Richard Leale (pictured above) said: "We have a duty to the thousands of other parishioners who do pay their rates on time to ensure that everyone else does too,' he said. 'We can't simply ignore this even if we wanted to."

A total of 4,697 rate demands were sent out this year and all but 190 now remain unpaid. The money collected, around £760,000 last year, is vital to pay for parish services, which include refuse collection and disposal, street lighting, contributions towards the upkeep of the Vale Church and cemeteries, and Les Amarreurs playground. 

"The Douzaine does everything it can to contain costs and to minimise rates bills. Having to chase people like this can actually increase what we have to charge people because of the extra work and cost of taking people to court," said Mr Leale.

"That's why it's so antisocial and why, reluctantly, we will take anyone to court who doesn't pay their rates."

  • Petty Debt Court charges for those brought before it are an additional £60 per person or married couple or £120 if they are cohabiting. A further £127 is charged if a further appearance is required to enforce judgement. 'That's why we really do urge people to pay on time,' said Mr Leale.
  • Payment can be made by phone, in person or online. Parishioners can do so over the phone, when a card payment can be taken, or through parishioners' own online banking facility or mobile app.
  • To do so, simply follow your own bank's instructions for setting up a new payee and enter the Vale Parish's sort code – 30-93-73 – and the parish account number – 02422523. Full details are on the rates bill itself.
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