If you haven't, please pay your rates bill...

Fri 07 Jun 2024

More than 4,000 Vale parishioners have so far paid their parish rates bill – but 515 are still outstanding and the deadline to settle the account passed on May 31.

Anyone who is still in arrears is asked to do one of two things – please settle the bill or, if experiencing difficulties, to get in touch with the office as soon as possible to discuss how it can be cleared. 

The douzaine acknowledged that rates were another bill to be paid at a time when some people were still experiencing difficulties but ignoring the rates demand didn't resolve anything.

Senior Constable Richard Leale said: "The funding received is vital if we are to be able to run the parish properly, ensure the rubbish is collected and amenities like the Church, cemeteries and the Douzaine Rooms are maintained plus keep providing street lighting and improving the playground at Les Amarreurs."

So having more than 500 bills outstanding was a problem for the parish as it had an obligation to collect what it was legally owed. "We don't like chasing people but that is what we have to do if they don't pay on time."

  • Anyone struggling to pay their rates is asked to contact the office as soon as possible via: telephone: 01481 244155, Email: [email protected] or in person at Maraitaine Road, Vale. Its opening hours are: Monday - Friday 10.00 - 13.00

  • Rates can be paid in person at the office, by sending in a cheque or over the phone, when a card payment can be taken. Parishioners can also do it online through their own banking facility or mobile app. To do so, simply follow your own bank's instructions for setting up a new payee and enter the Vale Parish's sort code – 30-93-73 – and the parish account number – 02422523.

  • The other thing needed, which is vital, is the parochial rates invoice number, found at the top of the bill sent out to all parishioners in the post. Without that, matching up the payment to the household becomes extremely difficult.
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