Want to know more about the transport plan for the North? Here's how...

Tue 04 Jun 2024

Two drop-in sessions are to be held this week so islanders can learn more about the Better Transport Plan, which is aimed at the North of the island, and enable them to ask questions and provide comments on it, the States has announced.

The first is tomorrow afternoon at the Vale Douzaine and the second is at St Sampson's Douzaine. Using social media it said:

There are two drop-in events taking place this week to give islanders the opportunity to consider the Better Transport Plan, ask questions and provide comments. Wed 5th June, 4pm-6.30pm: Traffic and Highway Services will be hosting a drop-in at the Vale Douzaine Room.

Sat 8th June, 10am-Midday: St Sampson’s Douzaine will be hosting a drop-in event in their Douzaine Room.

Members of the Committee for the E&I and officers from Traffic and Highway Services will be available at both drop-ins to discuss the plans and answer any questions.

It added: To see the Better Transport Plan in full, head to http://gov.gg/bettertransportplan where you can view an interactive map and also find more information about when these changes will be introduced and how you can comment.

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