Please don't park on Bordeaux's painted pavement say Police

Thu 01 Feb 2024

Users of Bordeaux have been warned by Police not to park on the newly-painted safety "pavement" on the sea wall side of Castle Road as they risk committing an offence and being fined.

The image from social media

This follows a picture posted on social media this week (above) apparently showing a number of vehicles parked on the pedestrian walkway, forcing a woman with a buggy to walk in the road itself.

Officers responded quickly and said that Guernsey Police wanted to remind islanders that it is an offence to park on a painted pedestrian walkway, in the same way it would be to park on a raised footpath.

On Twitter/X, they said: "Officers are aware that people have been parking on the new walkway painted at Bordeaux.

"This walkway was put in to improve road safety in the area, and by parking on the walkway, pedestrians are forced out into the road.

"Tickets can and will be issued for parking here or on any other walkway or footpath, and we would encourage people enjoying Bordeaux to use the carparks in the area."

Walker safety
Following pressure from the Vale Douzaine to improve road safety for pedestrians in the area a 1.3 metre-wide pedestrian walkway was painted on both roads along the coast to create a separate space for those who are walking. The work included new markings and a bollard installed on the junction between the two roads so that vehicles turning left onto Castle Road from Rue des Bordeaux will be required to give more space to those walking on the road next to the coast.

To accommodate these changes the junction markings and lines in the centre of the road have also been adjusted.

Mark Brockway, Senior Traffic Officer, said: "Improving road safety for all road users, particularly those who are vulnerable, is one of our main priorities. Creating a space for walking which is separate from the rest of the road will undoubtedly improve road safety.

"If you drive, please remember that there is no difference in law between raised footpaths and walkways marked out by white lines. If you do need to drive onto a marked walkway to pass another vehicle, please stop or proceed very slowly with due care and regard for the safety of pedestrians and other users of the public highway and move off the walkway at the earliest opportunity."

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