Bridge initiative launched to give youngsters a safe space

Tue 14 May 2024

A community initiative has been launched to give youngsters a safe space to use on the Bridge. It has come from Bernie Coutu and the Bridge Neighbourhood Watch team, supported by the Vale Douzaine.

Bernie Coutu, left, and Lyn Duport outside the newly-opened youth hut

It's based in the previously-empty building opposite the chip shop and which was also used by Guernsey Police as a drop-in centre for the North of the island. 

Ms Coutu, who devotes a lot of time and effort to making the Bridge area a better and tidier place, wanted to establish somewhere for younger islanders who spend a lot of time on the Bridge to go in safety and has approached a lot of people to try to make the initiative work. With other volunteers, she got it ready to open on Liberation Day and it will now be available on Mondays and Wednesdays from around 5pm until 7pm on a trial basis.

Coming together
"Everyone has come together on the project, my son Josh has built benches to go inside, Northside Chippy will be supplying water, DWA helped with the carpet and everyone has been really supportive," Ms Coutu told the Guernsey Press.

Bernie arranged for the hut to be cleaned, painted, and had carpet tiles laid down. Bernie and her helpers plan to offer hot and cold drinks and already have plans to be open later in the year for the Christmas Lights switch-on. 

Vale Senior Constable Richard Leale wished Bernie and the Bridge Neighbourhood Watch team all the best with the opening. "This is a great community initiative," he said, "and when we were asked if we could help with a cash donation to get the project off the ground, the Vale Douzaine had no hesitation in supporting it wholeheartedly.

"We really hope the trial works and it becomes an established facility on the Bridge," he said. 

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