Celebrating 75 years of Liberation in the Vale

Mon 18 Nov 2019

Next year is the 75th anniversary of Guernsey's Liberation, commemorating the Islands' freedom from German Occupation during World War II, and one of the points raised at the recent parish meeting was how the Vale might celebrate this milestone occasion.

One suggestion was that the parish could build a float to take part in the Liberation Day parade to be organised by the States as part of 75 specially themed events taking place throughout the whole year.

Details of these have yet to be announced by Visit Guernsey so there might be some changes along the way but Senior Constable Richard Leale wondered afterwards whether there might be any interest in the Vale for such a project.

Project support
"The Douzaine is generally supportive of such a project," he said, "but we don't have anyone with hands-on experience of designing or building such a float.

"So I'm asking parishioners generally whether they would like to back such an initiative and specifically whether there is anyone within the Vale willing and able to lead such an important project on our behalf."

If there is, the Douzaine would be pleased to hear from them, initially through the office on 244155 or [email protected], to discuss how such a project might be progressed.

"We're very supportive of doing something like this to celebrate such a milestone event and would like to see what level of interest there is within the parish to make it a truly Vale event," said Mr Leale. "So if you are able to help, or have alternative ideas about how to commemorate the 75th anniversary, we'd be very pleased to hear from you."


As mentioned previously on the Vale website, parish elections were also held at the last meeting and the Vale still has two Douzenier vacancies, which it would like to fill.

A couple of individuals have subsequently expressed an interest in standing and the office is now going through the legal process to convene a second election in the hope that two new members can be in place by the end of the year.

If you are thinking of standing as a Douzenier, forms (available from the office) have to be returned by next Monday.

One parishioner questioned why the vacancies hadn't been better advertised but, again, that is something set out in law that has to be followed.

Douzenier and parish States member Jeremy Smithies has, however, offered to take the matter up with the States promoted Douzaine Liaison Group to see whether the law needs to be changed in this area.




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