Check before you chuck, parishioners are asked

Sun 27 Mar 2022

Vale parishioners are being asked to take care over what they throw out in "black bag" waste or try to recycle through the kerbside collection system. A poster has been prepared by the States to highlight the problems that can arise if the wrong things are binned.

Getting rid of the wrong items in the wrong way is potentially dangerous and a lot more information is available here.

In essence, however, Waste Disposal is warning that certain items can cause serious injury if they are not disposed of correctly. These include batteries, aerosols and e-cigarettes.

"In some instances, it is the items themselves that pose a risk, such as batteries, which could cause a fire if they are damaged. Or it may be the contents that can be dangerous, such as with gas canisters or aerosols," say ther authorities.

"There have been numerous instances where careless disposal of items has caused extensive damage to machinery and property. Plus they can present a significant pollution hazard, which is both bad for the environment and can pose major health risks," it adds.

So do please Check Before You Chuck and follow the advice on how to dispose of the listed items correctly. That way we can all stay safe. 

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