Don't forget to 'sticker up' this bin night

Mon 04 Feb 2019

It's the 4th – and the start of Guernsey's new 'pay as you throw' waste charge to encourage islanders to generate less rubbish.

How does it work?

You put out your white/clear bag of paper and cardboard for recycling as usual this week, along with your caddy of food waste, for which there is no extra charge.

This week's residual or black bag waste, however, must have a special sticker on it like this to show that you've paid for it to be collected.

The cost is £1.40 for a bag up to 50 litres capacity – equivalent to a kitchen bin liner – or £2.50 for 90 litres. That's a dustbin liner-full.

No sticker, no collection. Instead, you'll get a reminder of the new system and a request to 'sticker up' and put it out for collection next time around.

Much more information from the States here plus a warning that trying to avoid the charge could lead to a fixed penalty of up to £60 and any fly tipping of up to £20,000 and a criminal conviction.

There's also a Q&A from the States here.

Where can you get the special stickers? According to the States, from Aladdin's Cave, Alliance, the Co-op, Forest Stores, Iceland, M&S Food Halls, Morrison's Daily and Waitrose.

So, a quick reminder of this week's 'bin night' arrangements and the need to sticker up:



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