Cautious welcome given to ambitions harbour redevelopment plans

Thu 07 Mar 2024

The Vale Douzaine has issued a cautious welcome for ambitions plans from the Guernsey Development Agency to regenerate extensive areas of the area around St Sampson's harbour. This follows members discussing the proposals in detail at their last meeting.

As a result, Senior Constable Richard Leale has now written to the GDA saying that the Douzaine is generally in favour of ideas to “regenerate” the Bridge area and particularly liked the plan to improve road layouts to manage any increase in traffic.

Mr Leale noted the wide-ranging vision for the area around St Sampsons harbour, stretching from Mont Crevelt/Longue Hougue to the South, to the Vale Castle in the North, bounded to the west by the “Bridge”. The vision includes improvement to infrastructure as well as allowing a large number of new homes in the form of flats or apartments.

"The Douzaine would also hope that the areas become a more attractive place to live, work and socialise by improving the built environment. The GDA is to be applauded for its ideas to achieve this," Mr Leale said in his letter.

However, the Douzaine was not unanimous in supporting what was perceived to be be a large number of flats and apartments, possibly totalling close to 500 additional homes on top of the 300-plus to be built on Leale’s Yard and nearly 200 on the Kenilworth vinery site, or the additional traffic, both private and commercial, expected to be generated by such a large influx of people in quite a small area.

Overall, however, Mr Leale said that the hope was that the developers would wish to work closely with the Vale Douzaine to achieve an end result that all parties can sign up to and be proud of.

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