Douzaine releases more information

Tue 30 Jan 2018

At its last meeting, members of the Vale Douzaine decided that more information should be made available to parishioners about what the Constables and Douzeniers do on behalf of the parish. As a result, and as a first step, a summary of the Douzaine's deliberations will be published here shortly after the regular meeting, usually held on the last Monday of the month. These may be found under Douzaine on the home page.

The summary indicates the agenda considered by members and the outcome and is intended to help parishioners gain an idea of the items that come across the Constables' desk during the course of the month. It is also a reflection of the parish's decision to make greater use of its website and social media as a communication channel and point of reference for other information like hedge cutting and stream cleaning.

Reference is made in the first summary to the Vale's 'new' website. The existing site has been redesigned and extended and is in a test phase at the moment and it is hoped that it will be launched shortly.

Anyone wanting further information on this or the meeting summary available above in PDF form is asked to contact the office in the first instance.


Please note that the summary is not, nor is it intended to be, an official minute of the Douzaine's deliberations.

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