Douzenier highlights plight of self-employed during lockdown

Fri 24 Apr 2020

A Vale Douzenier has helped to highlight the plight of the self-employed and sole traders during the island's lockdown response to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Martyn Torode used himself as an example to illustrate the difficulties being caused to island families by not being able to work as normal during the pandemic.

Mr Torode, owner of M.P. Torode Window Cleaning, told the Guernsey Press he would have to return to work on Monday although his wife was an at-risk person, because he had not received any money from the States despite applying earlier this month.

"I haven't received a penny," he said, reflecting the position experienced by many other parishioners and islanders during the current crisis.

A slight relaxation of the laws restricting businesses takes effect this weekend so categories like gardeners, builders and garages will be able to open again, as long as public health advice and social distancing rules are followed.

The Confederation of Guernsey Industry (CGi) has been championing the cause of islanders like Mr Torode, saying that "time is of the essence and there is a critical need for government action – every day has a critical impact on small and medium-sized businesses" while they are not receiving assistance.


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