Last chance to pay...

Wed 26 Oct 2022

Parishioners who have been slow to pay this year's rates bill have responded well to appeals to do so or contact the Constables' Office if they are experiencing difficulties – but some accounts are still outstanding.

The entrance to Guernsey's Petty Debt Court

In all, 14 accounts totalling just short of £2,000 remain unpaid and in the absence of hearing from the individuals concerned, steps will reluctantly be taken to claim the balances.

Some of the 14 are now paying by instalments so it now looks like just four people face a summons to Petty Debts as a last-resort attempt to recover parochial funds.

The parish is always reluctant to take legal steps, although it has an obligation to do so to ensure rates are paid, and urges anyone still in arrears to make contact with the office either by phone on 01481 244155 or via email: [email protected] The office opening hours are: Monday - Friday 10.00 - 13.00.

So if your rates bill is still outstanding please do get in touch – it's now the last opportunity to do so. 



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