Five new homes at Braye Road rejected by Planners

Mon 26 Nov 2018

An application to build five new homes at Braye Road has been turned down by Planning Services as 'incoherent and unacceptable', it has been reported today.

Under the above headline the Guernsey Press says Planners found that the proposals contravened several policies in the Island Development Plan and amounted to overdevelopment of the site.

The area is a former horticultural unit opposite Braye Road Garage and close to the 'triangle field', which is also subject to a planning application for new residential development.

In the rejection notice, Planners said the proposals for two flats and three dwellings and altering access would result in 'an incoherent mix of components which does not respect the character of the local built environment or achieve a good standard of architectural design.'

A lack of covered storage for bicycles was also objected to.

The formal notice of refusal can be found here.

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