The Vale Floral Group's been busy

Thu 25 Apr 2019

Members of the Vale Floral Group continue to be very active to help keep the parish in tip top condition and one of their latest projects is improving the field at the back of the Douzaine Rooms, pictured. 

New hedging and trees have been planted and, given the dry spells, watered to help them become established.

The field is fast becoming something of a wildlife haven and members spotted two buzzards circling overhead, plus blackbirds, a robin, sparrows, wood pigeon, a collar dove, gulls, plus three types of butterfly, bumble bees, bees and many other insects.

School invite
Gary Hind, head of the Vale School, has been invited to meet the Floral Group's Denise Cohu at the field with a view to year groups or classes “adopting” sections of hedging and watering and weeding there weekly by rota.

This will provide an opportunity for bird spotting, insect and butterfly identification, sketching, rubbings, identifying sounds and varieties of plants and weeds, keeping logs and records of the same and weather, seasonal changes etc. Importantly, there is a safe walking path from the school and access to toilets if necessary.

This offer is now being considered by the school.

The group is also watering and weeding the North Side plantation at present and will soon be preparing to paint the hut. Weeding and watering the Parish war memorial is weekly from now on because the weeds are starting to establish themselves.

  • Any offers of help or ideas for fundraising are always welcomed by the group, who can be contacted on 244155 or via [email protected]
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