Parishioners' views on deputies' pay are invited

Mon 13 May 2024

Vale parishioners are being invited to make their views known on how much States deputies should be paid ahead of the general election next summer. Members have just received a 7% increase, based on the rise in island median earnings, which takes their pay up to £46,000 to £81,000 depending on responsibility levels.

A special independent pay review panel has been formed and it is asking for people's views via a survey – which is available here – which will help shape proposals on pay.

Richard Hamilton, who heads it, said: "The Panel wants to provide every opportunity for islanders to share their views on States' Members' remuneration for the next political term, and this survey helps us achieve that aim."

Vale Senior Constable Richard Leale said he encouraged all parishioners to consider filling in the survey. "It only takes a moment and it gives all voters in the Vale an opportunity to influence the outcome of the review.

The survey closes on 26 May 2024.

"Pay for politicians is something that everyone has a view about – whether it's too much or too little – so the survey gives people the chance of making those views known to those who will be recommending the next level of remuneration."

Mr Leale said he wasn't entering into the debate itself but the performance of the States and individual members, plus their involvement in parish affairs, were all matters that had been raised with him and other douzeniers over the last four years so he knew there was a lot of interest in it.

The survey asks whether the guiding principles that informed previous reviews (see below) were still correct and invites wider comments on pay. Currently, remuneration is based on an element of service to the community but some deputies believe the amount should increase to reflect their belief that being a deputy is a full-time role. 


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