Want to see planning applications that might affect you and the parish? Here's how...

Wed 03 Apr 2024

One of the things we're asked is how parishioners can keep an eye on planning applications potentially affecting them and the parish if they don't read the Guernsey Press every day. The good news is that the States' own website provides access to all "live" applications.

The main access is via the Planning & Building Control section, which also provides useful links, including to the current applications, and advice on how to comment on or object to proposals.

This link (it can be slow to load) gives access to all the latest applications – what used to be called the IDC list – but it's not always easy to see at a glance which ones relate to the Vale specifically.

However, a further search function – available here – and which looks like this enables you to search specifically for the Vale and enter dates (in this example, from 1 March to 3 April). This shows that there are around 20 current applications ranging from replacement windows to parking at Bordeaux Methodist Church.

Another is an application for change of use of agricultural land to a campsite at La Folie Lane, including installation of four glamping pitches/tents with associated landscaping, hardstanding and parking and a single storey workshop/store/facilities building and poly tunnel to south of site.

Access to further information is provided in the downloads section at the bottom of this page.

Clicking on the application name and number (FULL2024/XXXX) will then take you to more information and the supporting paperwork and plans for the specific application.

Anyone reading the Guernsey Press can use the same reference online to get more information about it and see how long they have in which to make representations – for or against – about it. 





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