Leale's Yard regeneration 'a step closer'

Tue 23 Jul 2019

The long-awaited development of Leale's Yard and the regeneration of the Bridge has moved a step closer thanks to a States debate on planning, according to the deputy behind the move.

St Sampson's Deputy Jennifer Merrett has welcomed the States approving seven of the nine points she raised in a requete – or petition – to the Assembly which tried to meet many concerns raised by the northern parishes, among others.

In particular, the Assembly agreed to enable Policy and Resources to take the lead in seeing whether government could facilitate attempts by Leale's Yard owner the CI Co-operative Society to go ahead with a residential and retail scheme there.

Deputy Merrett's intervention also means that the Island Development Plan – criticised by the Vale's Senior Constable – will be reviewed and there will be greater protection for greenfield sites.

It is also anticipated that politicians will have a greater say in which planning applications are approved, given the widespread concerns that unelected officials had too much say in the process.


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