Vale's Liberation Day tea party a great success

Fri 12 May 2023

A special tea party organised by the Vale Douzaine to help celebrate Liberation Day 2023 has been hailed a great success.

More than 100 guests attended the event and were invited from Nouveau Maraitaine and Gardenia Lodge to help older islanders experience Guernsey's "national" day. To make the celebrations more special, invitations were also extended to the the island's autistic and dyslexia day centres and everyone seemed to enjoy the event.

It was organised by Denise Cohu, president of the Vale Parochial Cemetery Committee, along with help on the day from members of the douzaine, and their wives, plus some members from the Cemetery committee.

In addition to tea and refreshments, Glenn Drake provided the music for about an hour of singing of the old favourites to the delight of those taking part.

One of those attending said afterwards: "It was a very successful afternoon in my opinion."






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