Liberation Day celebrations a success

Tue 10 May 2022

Events held in the Vale to celebrate Liberation Day were declared a success by Junior Constable Bill Cohu, who said the tea party for more senior parish residents to see the cavalcade as it passed the Douzaine Room was the best yet.

The event was well supported and much enjoyed by those who attended. Because the cavalcade went down Maraitaine Road, the Douzaine invited residents from Gardenia Lodge, Nouvelle Maraitaine and older members of the Vale Church and the parish generally to see it from its premises and to attend a special tea afterwards. 'Cuppas' were served with scones, Guernsey gache and sausage rolls after the cavalcade has passed.

A special Liberation exhibition took place inside, which featured Occupation material from private collections and this too was very successful.

Pictures by Bill Cohu

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