Parish meeting will be asked to raise more than £600,000

Sun 10 Mar 2024

Parishioners will be asked to approve more than £600,000-worth of expenditure for the year on parochial administration, refuse collection, funding the cemetery and maintaining the Vale Church at a meeting to be held next week on the 20th.

The details (reproduced below) have been published in La Gazette Officielle and ratepayers and electors are formally invited to attend at 7.30pm at the Douzaine Room to transact the business on the agenda.

The biggest sum to be raised through parish rates is £400,105 to collect domestic refuse, although this amount has been partly subsidised by balances accrued in earlier years.

Parochial administration is budgeted at a little under £118,000 for the year and the ordinary upkeep of the parochial cemeteries has been costed at £55,000 for 2024.

Other grants include a £5,000 contribution to books for the school libraries and £25,000 to maintain and operate the playground at Les Amarreurs.

The meeting will close with any other business – an opportunity for ratepayers to raise issues for consideration with the constables and douzaine.

Earlier, the Rector and Churchwardens will ask the meeting to sanction just under £33,000-worth of expenditure related to the parish church. This includes £6,000 for boiler house repairs and £4,000 for clearing ivy and repairing walls and a little under £2,000 for a new CCTV security system.

Because the Rector and Churchwardens have £15,000 in hand through refunds from earlier work not undertaken, superseded or deferred, the actual amount to be raised from ratepayers is £17,830.

The meeting will also be asked to elect two ratepayers to serve on the Vale Parish Church Property Management Board. 










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