Parish expenditure of £630,000 proposed for 2022

Thu 17 Mar 2022

Nearly £632,000 needs to be raised to meet parochial and ecclesiastical requirements for 2022, a Vale Parish meeting will be told later this month.

The sums – reproduced in detail below – include just over £362,000 to collect domestic refuse.

The figures are set out in the publication which has been published in La Gazette Officielle in the Guernsey Press.

The notice invites ratepayers and electors to the meeting at the Vale Douzaine Room at 7.30pm on Wednesday 30 March to transact the business of the meeting. This includes approving the Parochial Cemetery Accounts for 2021 – which can be found here – and the Constables' Accounts, which can be found here.

Parish needs
Parish needs, including £58,000 for cemetery requirements and £130,600 for parochial administration, totals £242,400 while collecting household waste will be £362,019 for 2022.

Money requested to meet Church needs totals £27,080 and includes ordinary repairs and maintenance for the Church itself plus some more specialised work and the cost of insurance etc. The details are set out in the Churchwardens' publication below. 



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