Parish views wanted on how to improve harbour areas

Sat 09 Sep 2023

Parishioners in the Vale and St Sampson's are to be asked how they'd like to see the island's harbours developed to provide social, economic and environmental benefits.

This follows St Peter Port and St Sampson's being identified as Harbour Action Areas (HAAs) with significant potential for inward investment and commercial development and expansion. This includes development and support for the visitor economy; leisure, recreation and cultural opportunities; the improvement of the appearance and accessibility of public spaces; and the enhancement and reinforcement of the historic setting of the harbours. 

Exploring the possibilities requires the States' Development and Planning Authority to prepare what's known as a local planning brief, and parishioners will be able to contribute to that.

The process is to be handled by consultants Tibbalds and public consultation is expected next year. The Douzaines have been contacted and will be providing input but the process will also involve asking islanders what they think should happen in the HHAs and what benefits could be gained.

Vale Senior Constable Richard Leale said: "This potentially is a very far-reaching exercise. For instance, it could lead to stopping commercial port operations in either St Sampson's and/or St Peter Port and relocating that to a new harbour, so we will be keeping a close eye on what's proposed."

  • More detail is available in the downloads section and the gallery below shows the extent of the HHAs. 
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