Bridge planter plan welcomed by Constable

Mon 19 Feb 2024

The Vale's Senior Constable has praised efforts by a Bridge resident to help make the area a better and brighter place. Bernie Coutu recently launched a one-woman campaign to improve it and Richard Leale said he was delighted by her efforts.

‘It’s a good thing when a parishioner steps forward to do things, especially when they’ve not been approached in the first instance,’ he told the Guernsey Press, which highlighted Ms Coutu's quest to clean up the Bridge.

She has previously spent more than two weeks cleaning up the bins there and has now turned her attention to the Vale end of the Bridge where the flower-filled dinghy is.

She has added some new planters, also filled with flowers, to continue the improvements, helped by the Vale Douzaine.

More flowers
The parish provided an extra two planters, which were made by inmates at Guernsey Prison, while the States Land Management department provided the flowers. These were planted by Darren Lilley, who said that most of the plants were polyanthus, some of which he put in in October while the new planters were filled about a month ago.

The rowing boat full of flowers was originally put in place by the Vale Floral Group, which has now disbanded. 

Ms Coutu, who is involved with the Bridge Neighbourhood Watch and has lived in the area for many years, is planning to add more planters to the southern end of the road next, near the Mariners’ Inn, and Mr Lilley will include those in his rounds, too.

She also plans to provide hot drinks to young people from the kiosk on the plantation on the North Side on two nights a week, which she hoped to start doing soon.



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