Please think of others when cutting your hedge

Sat 22 Jun 2024

Parishioners have been asked to be good neighbours when cutting hedges and not make too much noise at unreasonable hours if using power tools and mechanical equipment. The request comes from the States Office of Environmental Health and Pollution Regulation following a number of complaints.

The Vale Constables haven't had any complaints but are passing on the reminder because – despite the deadline having passed – there are still a lot of hedges that need to be cut.

The concern is that people may be tempted to start very early or work late to avoid getting a warning letter following the douzaine inspections of hedges and douits.

Regular complaint
The States said: "Unfortunately this is a regular complaint at this time of year and we were wondering if when you are campaigning for hedges to be cut you could also advise that this should not take place at unreasonable hours.

"While we fully appreciate that access can be an issue during daytime hours, ideally we would recommend that noisy activities do not take place before 8am or after 6pm. If mechanical hedge cutting needs to take place outside of these hours perhaps areas further away from residential properties could be prioritised."

The request to be a considerate neighbour also applies to contractors who use tractor-driven equipment to tackle large hedges and fields.

  • By law, hedges have to be cut back no later than 15 June. Inspections will be taking place all next week. 
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