Dog owners: please make sure your pets are under control at all times

Mon 18 Sep 2023

Dog owners and walkers have been urged to make sure their animals are under control and supervised at all times following complaints of animals causing a nuisance at Les Amarreurs and fouling the popular area, which also has a public playground for children.

Image: VisitGuernsey

Senior Constable Richard Leale issued his request after a family trying to enjoy the beach during the recent September fine spell stepped in dog waste.

"We went to Les Amarreurs for a swim and our little boy trod barefoot in dog poo in the grass bank that runs above the boulders opposite the toilet block," said the father who contacted the Douzaine. He said there is also dog waste being left on the beach quite frequently.

"I pointed this out to a family who were down on the beach with their dog and behind that their dog had just been." he said. "Just after my son had trodden in some, you can see what happens next. An older pair of women with a couple of Pomeranian type dogs let them out of the car to run around while they got their stuff out of the car. They can’t see where the dogs are or what they are doing."

No apology
In another incident an owner with a young Ridgeback was reported letting it run over people who were lying on the sand at the top of the beach and they shouted for him to get his dog. "He didn’t even apologise and just looked annoyed they’d shouted," said the witness.

The beachgoer added: "It’s a very popular beach and is busy with people until late as kids love the pier. Irresponsible dog owners are ruining it."

Mr Leale said these latest reports weren't an isolated incident and believed the problem was getting worse because so many people had decided to get a pet during the Covid pandemic and lockdown.

"Responsible dog owners aren't the problem," said Mr Leale, "it's those who don't really know what they're doing or who won't take responsibility for their animal at all times."

Thousands of dogs
He said that the Vale alone had 900 registered dogs so the number in the island ran into thousands, indicating why it was so important for owners to ensure their animals were supervised at all times and any waste properly collected and disposed of.

"I'm not being alarmist about this but the recent attacks in the UK, and some here, show the potential danger dogs can pose unless properly handled. Not everyone likes dogs and a lot of people, especially children, are wary of them so if you are an owner please ensure you know where they are and always know what they are doing.

"For preference," he said, "I'd recommend keeping dogs on a lead at all times, particularly on family-friendly places like Les Amarreurs where uncontrolled dogs running around can be quite intimidating or a nuisance for a lot of people."

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