Please don't feed the gulls

Tue 02 Jul 2019

People who use Bordeaux are being urged not to feed the seabirds there because that act of kindness can be harmful in several ways, according to Environmental Services. 

The main concern for anyone thinking they're helping gulls on the coast is that bread is actually harmful for them – damaging their digestive systems – and also encourages them to steal from people.

Signs are to be posted in the area which also highlight another problem: throwing food for the gulls attracts rats, which can spread disease, in an area widely used by children and families.

Vale Junior Constable Bill Cohu says there's another problem too – attracting gulls means they foul the area, vessels and slips used by boaters.

"We respectfully ask people to follow best advice from the States and not to feed the gulls here," he said, "because they can unintentionally make life unpleasant for other users of the area."

  • The Environment Department strongly recommends that people enjoy feeding wild birds in their own gardens and to only feed quantities that the birds will eat in one day. Using tree-hung feeders and bird tables reduces the risk of rats occurring.
    Seed, halved apples, fatballs and dried mealworms give the high levels of energy and protein garden birds need, particularly through winter months and spring when birds are preparing to breed. 
    Bread is a poor food for wild birds because it has none of the nutrients birds need for good health.

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