Please don't use Vale recycling bins for clothes and shoes

Sun 05 Apr 2020

Islanders have been asked to stop using clothing and shoe bring-banks during the coronavirus crisis because they are not being emptied and are overflowing.

The problem was highlighted by a Vale parishioner who was "absolutely disgusted" by the state of the recycling bins at the Douzaine Rooms when they made a family exercise trip to the community field behind the facility.

Rather than taking the clothing for recycling and reuse back home, some people have simply been leaving it outside the special steel bins although they are full.

Other materials have also been abandoned, including a couple of chairs.

Fly tipping
What amounts to fly tipping has been reported by the parish to the authorities but in the meantime, everyone is asked not to use the recycling facilities for the period of lockdown.

BBC Guernsey reported today that the because of the emergency measures for the pandemic, the Salvation Army, which operates the clothing and shoe service, is unable to process the donations.

In effect, there is nowhere to store people's contributions.

Until the restrictions are eased or lifted, parishioners are asked to please stop using the bins.



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