Public art and 'lifetime homes' planned for Triangle Field

Fri 21 Aug 2020

Public art incorporating the Vale parish crest and two "lifetime" homes have been proposed in the revised development plans for the so-called Triangle Field opposite the entrance to Alliance.

Developers Hillstone Ltd and architects Lovell Ozanne have also submitted details of how the proposed two three-bed properties could look (above) now that the development has been scaled back from the original proposals, which caused a lot of anxiety in the parish.

The homes are said to be designed to be be accessible and will generally comply with the principles of the "Joseph Rowntree Life Time Home Principles". The reduced density "is a reflection on the protected trees and the constraints that they impose on the site," the planning application says.

The submission says there is opportunity with the development to significantly improve the public realm in terms of highway safety and accessibility.

"Our proposals include for the provision to widen the existing road junction and improve visibility splays. This will be achieved by re-building the existing granite wall. A feature granite wall will be provided, inlaid with a ceramic Vale Parish Crest as a public art commitment," it says.

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Vale Senior Constable Richard Leale said they were making details of the application, available here and here, because of the interest in the development and the opposition there had been to earlier proposals.

"We don't meet in August so we haven't been able to consider the revised plans as a Douzaine," he said, "but we have been asked whether we will be objecting to these latest proposals, which considerably scale back the number of properties and reflect the restrictions imposed by the tree protection orders on the site.

"I think the Douzaine's attitude to piecemeal development is well understood and we are firmly of the view no new housing should be considered on greenfield sites until the much more suitable Leale's Yard* has been developed," he said. "That view has not changed."

He added that the parish had not been approached about the public art concept or the use of the parish crest.

*Mr Leale has no interest in, or involvement with, Leale's Yard.

  • Anyone who wishes to comment on or object to a planning application is invited by the Development and Planning Authority to do so and details of the process, which can be done online, are available here. The closing date is 31 August.

How the Triangle Field development could look from Braye Road


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