Moorings reminder for Vale boaters

Sun 16 Apr 2023

Boat owners who are registered to use the Grande Havre and Bordeaux areas have been reminded to get their moorings shipshape for the season – and the deadline to do so is the end of this month.

In an official notice, the Vale Moorings Committee has reminded boat owners in these bays that their moorings need to be properly identified.

All owners with registered moorings at Rousse, Les Amarreurs and Chouet are required to have their mooring number painted (or repainted if indecipherable) on the mooring bobber and mooring ropes must be cleaned not later than 30th April 2023.

All owners in the Bordeaux mooring area are required to have their allocation number painted on the mooring bobber and on the "in and out haulers" (or repainted if indecipherable) not later than 30th April 2023.

It is important that this is done because all moorings not so marked will be deemed as being abandoned and will be re-allocated by the committee, the La Gazette Officielle notice (available below) warns.

The publication also makes it clear that moorings are not transferable without the permission of the relevant moorings committee.

Moorings Committee contacts:
Rousse - Rodney Norman 07781 103349
Bordeaux - Michael Scrimshaw 07781 103949
Les Amarreurs - Martin Domaille 07781 400589
Chouet - James Jenner 07781 120371


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