Speeding issue highlighted by cat's death

Sun 27 May 2018

Responding to some parishioner concerns over the weekend, we posted this on our Vale Facebook site on Saturday morning:


A parishioner has asked for help in trying to identify a blue car – registration and make unknown at this stage – that ran over and killed her cat without stopping earlier this morning.

The incident happened in Les Grandes Marais just before the junction with Rue Battee shortly before 7am.

The vehicle was travelling at speed along the road and narrowly missed a nurse heading to work as she drove from her gateway.

As she subsequently headed along the road she saw the very badly injured cat in the road and stopped to assist and to call the Animal Shelter.

The much loved family pet died before help could arrive but the owner is very upset and would like to contact the driver if possible.

If anyone has any information, we'd be pleased to hear.

Since then, more than 4,000 people have been reached by the post and we are still hoping someone might be able to identify the driver, so if anyone can help, do please get in touch.

In the meantime, comments from residents in the road suggest that there is a general problem with speeding there while a call for a reduced limit has apparently been rejected by the authorities.

As one householder told us: 'We live in this road too. It’s not wide enough to pass two cars in numerous places. We have had so many near misses when riding and leading our horses that I have asked for it to be a 25mph. States disagreed and it remains 35mph.'

Other residents agree speed in Les Grandes Marais can be a problem and one of our douzeniers has agreed to raise the matter informally and report back through our website and Facebook page.


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