Streams – an early reminder

Sat 08 May 2021

An early warning about the forthcoming deadline for cleaning douits has been posted today by the States Trading Supervisory Board in its capacity as the Central Streams Committee.

Its publication in La Gazette Officielle in the Guernsey Press reminds proprietors of land bordering streams that they have to be cleared of obstruction and silt so that an unrestricted flow of water is ensured by 15 June.

Land owners are also requested to ensure that the Constables are able to freely access the stream for inspection. The state of the streams is reported to the Parish Office who will contact the land owner if necessary.

This is so the parish can comply with the Loi Relative aux Douits, 1953 and the Parochial Administration Ordinance 2013, which means that streams are required to be clear of all debris, weed growth etc. to ensure that they flow in an unobstructed manner.

It is vital that riverains complete their inspections and any necessary work at the proper time, i.e.

- during the first 15 days of June 
- during the last 15 days of September

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