Bordeaux swimmers don't have permission to park in road, says Douzaine

Tue 09 Jul 2024

Swimmers are being warned that they face fines of up to £65 if they park their cars on the painted "pavement" at Bordeaux while taking a dip. The advice follows police saying that some regular bathers have claimed the douzaine said they could park there.

That claim is untrue. The douzaine campaigned to have the painted walkway installed to improve safety in the area and certainly would not encourage people to break the law in this way.

The issue came to light after police contacted the Constables to say officers have been told by swimmers that it is acceptable to park there while bathing.

The office has assured police that is not the case. It asks everyone to respect the safety measure that has been put in place to protect pedestrians, which follows reports of near misses and people with prams and buggies being forced into the road by inconsiderate parking. 

Mark Brockway, Senior Traffic Officer, said when the "painted pavement" was installed: "Improving road safety for all road users, particularly those who are vulnerable, is one of our main priorities. Creating a space for walking which is separate from the rest of the road will undoubtedly improve road safety.

"If you drive, please remember that there is no difference in law between raised footpaths and walkways marked out by white lines. If you do need to drive onto a marked walkway to pass another vehicle, please stop or proceed very slowly with due care and regard for the safety of pedestrians and other users of the public highway and move off the walkway at the earliest opportunity."

  • Parking fines were increased at the start of the year from £40 to £65 with a £10 discount if paid within seven days. 
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