Bordeaux pedestrian safety improvements are welcomed

Wed 10 Jan 2024

Measures now being taken at Bordeaux to make the road safer for pedestrians have been welcomed by the Vale's Senior Constable, Richard Leale.

Mr Leale, pictured, was responding after States Traffic and Highway Services started preparations to put a painted "pavement" alongside the sea wall running from the slipway north to the bus stop in Rue du Bordeaux to make the bend there safer for walkers.

"We're delighted that Traffic have responded to our concerns on this matter and have agreed to make the junction safer for people using it on foot," he said.

The issue was discussed with Environment some while ago following near misses on the bend as motorists turning left into Castle Road tended to "hug" the corner, nearly hitting walkers and people with buggies and children.

"I'd like to thank the department for taking this matter in hand and listening to the very real concerns we took to them," said Mr Leale. "When this was first raised, the initial reaction – there are also problems with people crossing the road near Iceland off the Bridge – was to say it would have to wait for Leale's Yard and a mobility plan for the north.

"We understood that, but nevertheless said that the continual near misses and complaints we received from parishioners and other users meant this couldn't wait until someone was actually hurt."

He was delighted Traffic subsequently agreed and acted just before Christmas to mark the road for a painted pavement to be installed.

"I assume it will be like the very successful one in Nocq Road, with a thicker line and pedestrian figures also painted on the road," he said.

Looking at it in operation at the weekend, it was clear the preliminary work was already having an effect, with traffic noticeably taking a wider line around the corner.

Mr Leale acknowledged that a possible downside for some might be that the "pavement" would stop parking alongside the sea wall. "We may receive some complaints," he said, "but overall, the safety benefits far outweigh any minor inconvenience and there's plenty of parking at the headlands themselves."

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