Vale Douzenier featured in 'get involved' campaign

Sat 10 Oct 2020

Following Wednesday's first island-wide election of deputies, Guernsey's parishes will also be electing officials. In the case of the Vale, that will take place on Wednesday 4 November at 7.30pm at the douzaine rooms.

The details are as shown in the La Gazette Officielle notice (right) with four douzeniers seeking re-election. The members of the Parochial Cemetery Committee are also offering themselves for re-election.

This has now been updated to remove some earlier errors in the La Gazette Officielle publication, and it now indicates correctly that those named are seeking re-election.

Under the law, however, nominations are invited generally and the relevant forms are available from the douzaine room at Maison Maraitaine from 10am until 1pm weekdays.

Get involved
The Vale's newest Douzenier, Victoria Robinson, said that she would encourage parishioners to consider standing and added that she enjoyed her involvement in parish affairs.

She has been featured by Women in Public Life, which is campaigning to get more women involved in island life, and a video produced by them of what's involved. Others (link below) give an indication of the work of the douzaines and what the parishes can achieve.  

Other business for the parish meeting includes electing auditors for the Constables' Accounts, which detail how ratepayers' funds are spent, and AOB under the catchall, "to take all such measures as the Electors and Ratepayers may deem advisable".

  • More information about Women in Public Life can be found here.


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