Vale households face court action over unpaid rates

Mon 10 Jun 2019

More than 600 Vale householders have failed to pay their parish rates on time and now face a £25 penalty on top of the bill itself.

That's a total of £15,250 when the final demands are sent out later this week as the Douzaine takes action to ensure what's owed to the parish is collected.

And anyone ignoring the final demand faces a summons to the Petty Debt Court as the Douzaine has a policy of ensuring full collection, because to do otherwise is unfair on the thousands of other householders who pay on time.

While payments can be made in person or by phone during office hours [Monday - Friday 10.00 - 13.00] they can also be made online through your own mobile banking.

Parishioners simply need to follow their own bank's instructions for setting up a new payee and enter the Vale Parish's sort code – 30-93-73 – and the parish account number – 02422523. The only other thing needed, which is vital, is the parochial rates invoice number, found at the top of the bill sent out to all parishioners in the post. Without that, matching up the payment to the household is extremely difficult.

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