Vale Primary's new reading initiative supported by Douzaine

Fri 27 Nov 2020

A new junior library has opened at Vale Primary School and some of its content has been provided through donations approved by the Vale Douzaine.

The previous old and uninviting facility has been replaced by something much brighter and fit for purpose. It is also suitable for lessons to be held in.

English subject leader Jess Melniks said the school set out to improve the library to inspire a love of reading "We also wanted a space for students to go to and have the Guille-Alles Library services giving such a good stock of books," she told the Guernsey Press.

The development was funded by the school's Parent-Teacher Association and the whole project took a year of planning.

Members of the Douzaine have been supportive of reading initiatives over the years and regularly make a donation towards the school libraries. A total of £5,000 was contributed last year. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the need to keep parish rates as low as possible this year, no donation was possible.

The Douzaine is keeping this under review, however, and it is hoped that financial support can be resumed next year.

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