Wanted: your best pictures of the Vale

Tue 05 Jan 2021

Vale photographers have been invited to submit their best shots of the parish in a special new year competition. All the island's parishes have been invited to take part and each winning photographer will receive an A3 printed canvas of their image with the parish crest superimposed.


Pembroke, by Sally Perriam, an early entry for the competition

What's billed as a fun start for 2021 has come from Dan Smith, MD of  Smith Signs, who has written to all douzaines to start it. "To celebrate the New Year and Guernsey as a whole I have launched a photography competition on Facebook that may be of interest to you.

"Basically, we are going to give away printed Parish Canvas prints, the idea being that entrants would simply take and submit their own landscape image of their Parish or Bailiwick Island to the [Smith Signs] Facebook post. There will be one winning image per Parish."

Mr Smith (pictured) says the competition is completely free to enter with no strings attached and the closing date is 31st Jan 2021. The Smith Sign's Facebook page to upload images can be found here.

Back to work
As he says, getting back to work after the festive break can be a bit dull – especially given the current weather. His antidote: fun, a competition and free prizes.

"Go out for a walk or bike ride in your Parish or Bailiwick Island," he says, "take your phone or camera with you and shoot your own landscape image."

There will be one winning image per Parish/Bailiwick Island, each winning photographer will receive an A3 sized printed canvas of their photo with the appropriate crest superimposed in the corner.


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