New 'glass' recycling bags part of Waste Authority update

Mon 03 May 2021

A series of updates has come from the island's Waste Authority, which include making recycling containers more visible and trying to relieve congestion at the Longue Hougue recycling centre.

The authority told douzaine representatives at its last regular meeting that new glass recycling bags have arrived in the island. These are white – so as to be more visible – and have more weight in the base, about twice as much. This will make them less prone to being blown away after emptying and they are much more durable. In all, the improvements should reduce the number of replacements provided. They are also slightly taller than the existing green bags, but less wide.

In addition, GW is to trial a silver-grey food waste caddy. These are more expensive for the authority to buy but the hope is that, by being more visible, fewer will be lost or run over thus saving money in the long run.

Recycling improvements
Something of interest to regular users of the Household Waste & Recycling Centre is that the authority is looking to reduce the wait at peak times there.

It says that as only some items require payment, this may take place at the point of disposal allowing free flow of vehicles to the other areas of the site.

Other news from the Waste Authority includes:

  • The authority has confirmed that there is no formal weight limit on black bags left out but Contractors are free to leave (and sticker) any bags that they are unable to pick up safely overhead or that are likely to split.
  • No changes to bank holiday collections this year and the Contractors confirmed that they do not make any additional charges when there are altered collection days.
  • Statistics should be available shortly showing recycling figures for last year, and
  • GW are going to do a public survey on the bring banks at the 3 remaining sites. They cost the island a lot of money and are constantly being abused mainly by commercial contractors depositing cardboard.
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