Constable supports protests against 'house on a track' development

Thu 18 Mar 2021

Vale's Senior Constable has added his support to a group of Le Picquerel residents objecting to a property developer proposing to build a new "home" on what is actually a garage driveway.

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L'Ancresse Common user updates – especially for dogs

Sun 14 Mar 2021

New bins to help dog owners clean up after their pets are to be installed near the children's play area at Les Amarreurs, the Vale Commons Council (VCC) has confirmed. The move follows earlier concerns that not all owners are being responsible and that youngsters could be put at risk as a result.

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Parish accounts published ahead of meeting

Fri 12 Mar 2021

The Vale's parish meeting will be held on Wednesday 31 March, Senior Constable Richard Leale has confirmed following the island moving into stage three of the Covid-19 restrictions, which means parishioners will be able to attend in person. It will be held at the Vale Douzaine Rooms starting at 7.30pm.

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Parish comment invited on proposed green field industrial development

Thu 11 Mar 2021

Parishioners have been invited to comment on proposals that could enable new light industrial development on a green field site near Alliance Stores. If approved, the draft development framework could create opportunities for local businesses start-up units for entrepreneurs or enabling economic diversification into technology-based sectors.

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Spring highlights Group's crocus planting initiative

Mon 01 Mar 2021

The arrival today of meteorological spring and the welcome sunshine has highlighted some special flowers planted at the Vale Douzaine Rooms as part of a global health initiative.

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Erosion threatens popular north coast path

Sun 21 Feb 2021

A popular path in the north of the island is at risk of partial closure because of erosion apparently caused by rising sea levels and climate change. The problem is being monitored by the Vale Commons Council, which carried out a detailed survey of the area nearly two years ago.

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Dog ban may follow 'poo bag' littering

Mon 15 Feb 2021

Inconsiderate dog owners are causing problems near the Vale Douzaine by throwing bags of their animal's waste on to parish land, Junior Constable Bill Cohu has said. The problem has been getting worse and is unpleasant to clear up, he added.

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Parishes can help government, says deputy chief minister

Mon 01 Feb 2021

Guernsey's parishes have a strong part to play as government works towards rebuilding the island and its economy post-pandemic, Guernsey's deputy chief minister said today.

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Vale couple run charity rescuing girls in India

Sat 30 Jan 2021

An amazing charity that has been rescuing girls from the streets of a remote part of India for nearly 15 years is being run by a Vale couple – and is thriving despite the global Covid-19 pandemic. Here, Dave and Kolleen Packham explain what led to the founding of The Lily Packham Girls Hostel.

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Review of 'unfit' Planning process welcomed

Thu 28 Jan 2021

Calls by Chief Minister Peter Ferbrache for an urgent review of planning laws which made particular reference to the north of the island have been welcomed by Vale Senior Constable Richard Leale.

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