Bridge planter plan welcomed by Constable

Mon 19 Feb 2024

The Vale's Senior Constable has praised efforts by a Bridge resident to help make the area a better and brighter place. Bernie Coutu recently launched a one-woman campaign to improve it and Richard Leale said he was delighted by her efforts.

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Leale's Yard funding uncertainty criticised

Sun 04 Feb 2024

Suggestions that some of the States’ funding earmarked for helping to kick-start the development of Leale’s Yard could be used for education purposes instead underline how unsatisfactory the whole regeneration project has become, according to Vale parish officials.

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Please don't park on Bordeaux's painted pavement say Police

Thu 01 Feb 2024

Users of Bordeaux have been warned by Police not to park on the newly-painted safety "pavement" on the sea wall side of Castle Road as they risk committing an offence and being fined.

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Benefactor saves Vale field from future development

Wed 24 Jan 2024

A field in the north of the parish has been saved from possible development in the future after its owner left it in perpetuity to the National Trust of Guernsey.

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Dog owners reminded they need to licence their pets

Mon 22 Jan 2024

Dog owners in the Vale are being reminded that they have until the end of the month to get their dogs licenced – and an awful lot are leaving it late to do so!

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Vale postie's garden secret – 57 tortoises!

Thu 18 Jan 2024

Postie Lawson Pipet is one of the best known faces in the Vale. After all, he's been delivering letters and parcels in the parish for nearly 25 years. But there's something not many people know about him – he's got 57 tortoises in his back garden and he even "delivered" some of them himself. And before you say, that's a lot of tortoises, he used to have 81.

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Bordeaux pedestrian safety improvements are welcomed

Wed 10 Jan 2024

Measures now being taken at Bordeaux to make the road safer for pedestrians have been welcomed by the Vale's Senior Constable, Richard Leale.

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Flood defences needed before housebuilding, says Constable

Sat 06 Jan 2024

The best way to facilitate house building in the Bridge and Lowlands areas is by creating flood defences across the mouth of St Sampson's harbour, the Vale's Senior Constable has said.

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Cutting gorse 'essential part of Commons management'

Mon 18 Dec 2023

Periodically cutting back gorse on L'Ancresse Common is an essential part of managing the area and maintaining its biodiversity, the Vale Commons Council (VCC) has said. It issued the update in response to some concerns expressed over the latest trimming, which is visible from Les Clotures Road.

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Douzaine liaising with development agency over harbour development plans

Fri 15 Dec 2023

Parishioners have have seen this headline in the Guernsey Press earlier this week following a presentation by the Guernsey Development Agency and wondered whether the Vale Douzaine was aware of the vision being outlined for the Bridge area since the survey informing it is still in progress.

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