Yes, it's time to cut those hedges and clear streams please...

Fri 29 May 2020

With June almost here, it's time to plan to trim any hedges you may have and ensure that douits or water courses are cleared and the water able to flow freely.

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What road would you close for a car-free Sunday?

Tue 26 May 2020

Vale parishioners are being asked by the head of Environment and Infrastructure which road, street or lane they’d like to close on a Sunday for community use.

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More than 1,000 homes planned for North, official figures show

Fri 15 May 2020

More than 1,000 new properties could be provided in the North of the island as Planners blitz the Vale and St Sampson's with new build approvals and other developments, official documents show. And an independent assessment has shown that roads and junctions could be overloaded with traffic as a result.

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Please don't close Hougue Jehannet – a parishioner's plea

Tue 12 May 2020

An invitation to parishioners to comment on a proposal that Hougue Jehannet, the road running behind the island's power station, be closed permanently on security grounds has triggered a detailed response from one regular user who says he will be seriously affected if the thoroughfare is gated off. Here, he sets out the impact on his business – and suggests that the value of the land sought by Guernsey Electricity Ltd (GEL) is around £25m.

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150-home Saltpans development permission criticised by Northern Parishes

Mon 11 May 2020

A decision recently announced by Guernsey's Development & Planning Authority (DPA) to clear the way for up to 150 new homes to be built in the Saltpans area has been robustly criticised by both the Vale and St Sampson's.

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Planners clear way for 150 new homes in Saltpans area

Wed 06 May 2020

A process for more than 150 new homes to be built in the Saltpans area has been cleared by Guernsey's Planners. The Development & Planning Authority (DPA) has approved a Development Framework paving the way for a planning application so that works can begin on the site "as soon as possible".

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Douzaine votes to reduce rates to ease virus hardship

Tue 05 May 2020

Members of the Vale Douzaine last night voted to reduce this year's parish rates demand in order to try to ease the financial pressure being felt by many parishioners because of the Coronavirus "lockdown".

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Meet the Vale's 'hedge veg' pottery lady...

Fri 01 May 2020

A photo we put on Facebook recently about a new "hedge veg" stall in the parish that was also selling home-made pottery generated a lot of interest – so we went (virtually, naturally) to find out more. And there's a fascinating story behind its opening and its owner, Agnes Kalita…

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Vale offers rates assistance for hard-pressed parishioners

Sun 26 Apr 2020

Vale Douzaine will act sympathetically towards parishioners who might be experiencing financial difficulty in meeting parish rates during the coronavirus crisis, Senior Constable Richard Leale has said.

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Revised rates agenda issued in response to virus crisis

Sat 25 Apr 2020

A revised Remède has been issued by the Rector and Churchwardens of the Vale in response to the financial difficulties being caused by the coronavirus pandemic and seeks to reduce the amount of money needed by them this year by around 25%.

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