Douzenier highlights plight of self-employed during lockdown

Fri 24 Apr 2020

A Vale Douzenier has helped to highlight the plight of the self-employed and sole traders during the island's lockdown response to the Covid-19 epidemic.

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Plans for a Green Industrial North shared with Vale Douzeniers

Tue 14 Apr 2020

Guernsey has a unique opportunity with Renewable Energy, Green Finance and Digital Skills to secure an advanced, long-term, prosperous economy based on the north of the island, Vale Douzeniers have been told.

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Road closure opposed by senior Vale deputy

Mon 13 Apr 2020

ANY proposals for the permanent closure of the road behind the Vale power station linking North Side with Summerfield Road will be strongly opposed by Vale Deputy Mary Lowe.

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Virus crisis parish meeting agenda published

Thu 09 Apr 2020

An updated agenda for the Vale Parish meeting has now been published in La Gazette Officielle requesting comments from ratepayers and electors on the proposed expenditure and revenue raising measures proposed for the year.

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Emergency regulations passed to allow parish fundraising

Mon 06 Apr 2020

With coronavirus lockdown restrictions preventing parish meetings from going ahead, special emergency regulations have been approved to enable douzaines to raise money.

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Please don't use Vale recycling bins for clothes and shoes

Sun 05 Apr 2020

Islanders have been asked to stop using clothing and shoe bring-banks during the coronavirus crisis because they are not being emptied and are overflowing.

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Comments invited on road closure request

Wed 01 Apr 2020

Two developments with a potential impact on the Vale have been highlighted by Senior Constable Richard Leale. The first is a request to close a road off the Bridge and the second is an appeal that has been lodged against a Planning decision to refuse building at the so-called 'Triangle Field' opposite Alliance.

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Four States committees supportive of Leales' Yard development

Sat 28 Mar 2020

Four major States committees have expressed enthusiasm for Leale's Yard being redeveloped and the Bridge area being regenerated, the Guernsey Press has reported.

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Vale Douzenier helps supply NHS with essential equipment during virus crisis

Fri 27 Mar 2020

A Vale Douzenier is playing a key part in fighting the coronavirus outbreak by helping to provide essential medical products for the worldwide emergency.

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Last chance to make Leale's Yard regeneration representations

Thu 26 Mar 2020

Parishioners are reminded that tomorrow is the last day for making comments on the Leale's Yard draft development brief.

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